Friday, March 12, 2010

Android on HTC Window Mobile Phone

The XDAndroid project, Android Mobile OS for Window Mobile-Based HTC devices, has progressed tremendously and has archived many great performances for lots of Window-Mobile-Based devices to work with Android platform (sorry for HTC-HD2 users. Base on my understanding no any Android version working on HTC HD2 yet because of device driver issue). In the previous release, not many components worked, but in the recent release guys from pocketnow has tested with HTC touch pro and it works with call, sms, data.

Checkout the following links to get Android platform installed on your specific device.

Android on HTC Windows Phones:

Touch Pro2 (GSM)
Touch Pro2 (CDMA - must take SIM card out)
Touch Diamond2/Pure
Touch HD
Touch Pro/Fuze (GSM)
Touch Pro (CDMA)
Touch Diamond (GSM)
Touch Diamond (CDMA)

Via: pocketnow

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