Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Step by step instructions for android on hd2

I've just got a very detail instruction to get android working on HTC HD2.

1) Download an Android build (with or without sense user interface) (e.g. from
2) Extract the contents to the ROOT of your sd card (Preferably format the card beforehand)
3) Launch any file manager from within windows mobile.
4) Launch haret.exe in the root of your sd (storage) card. Click Run (Preferably just after a soft reset)
Thats it!

Important Notes:
YOU WILL GET A BLACK/BLANK SCREEN (Linux text will disappear) if you don't have 2.xx.50.xx radio rom version. (2.xx.51.xx will not work)
Yes 51 radio versions are european and 50 radio versions are US, BUT 50 radio WILL WORK with your european HD2. In any case, you can always go back to your original radio. (Write down your version beforehand. You can get the info from HTC startup screen or from settings - phone information - software information
You don't need HSPL for linux boot. But you need HSPL if you need to change your radio to a 50 version. Your phone comes with original SPL only.

The following information is ONLY needed if your linux doesn't boot and freezes with black screen and you want to change your radio to a linux compatible one.
1) Get HSPL3 from: (Only if you don't have HSPL, if you don't know, then you don't have HSPL)
2) Get a 2.xx.50.xx radio rom from: (2.10.50.xx is fine)
3) Get Custom RUU from:
4) Install HSPL(connect your phone in activesync mode via usb cable)
5) Install 2.xx.50.xx radio via customruu. Don't worry about what CustomRUU says, you will not lose settings and data. (It won't hard reset when upgrading only the Radio ROM)
Thats it! Now you can run haret and boot android
Dual boot android and win mobile

Thursday, July 8, 2010

PDF libraries

Monday, July 5, 2010

Implement MultiTouch Behavior in Window Phone 7

There are two video demonstrate the implementation MultiTouch Behavior in Window Phone 7 by Microsoft MVP Laurent Bugnion, an author of Silverlight 4 Unleashed.

Here, quote from Laurent:

I just published two videos on Vimeo (see the embedded videos at the end of this post)

* One is a short video showing the highlights of the MultiTouch Behavior I have been working on. It shows what gestures are available, and how easy it is to add it to a Windows Phone 7 application.
* The other is a detailed 15’ video that explains exactly how the behavior can be used.

I am still polishing a few things up and should be ready to release V1 on Codeplex very soon.


* Scale, Rotate, Translate are supported.
* Possibility to show markers on the screen for demos/projections/videos.
* Debug mode with addition on-screen information.
* “Mock” mode for development without multitouch screen. Simulate fingers with just one mouse.
* Enable/disable Scale, Rotate, Translate X and Y individually.
* Constrain Scale with minimum and maximum value.

Future plans:

Not supported (but in the plan) are:

* Multiple elements: Right now, the gestures can only apply to one element on the screen.
* Friction/inertia.
* Constraining the element to the screen.

More info

I will post more info as we progress. Stay tuned to this blog (“touch” tag), on my website or on Twitter (@LBugnion).

I want to thank Pete Blois (from the Microsoft Expression Blend team) for his help and some of the multitouch code, and the kind permission to open source it.

Also heartful thanks to Davide Zordan for starting this project on Codeplex and for the inspiration.

The Videos

The first video is a demonstration of his MultiTouch behavior implemented in a demo applications:

The second video is a 15mins long tutorial showing you how to implement it in your application:

Source: Laurent Bugnion, mobiletechworld

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learn Silverlight and Expression Blend in 5 days

Learn how to design and develop innovative user interfaces for Window Phone 7,..using Expression Blend 4.0

Head over: Learn Silverlight and Expression Blend in 5 days

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Design Resources

Windows Phone 7 Design Resources

I've just got good resources from:
davidcrow on June 21, 2010
MS Holm Daylight app from Clarity Consulting
MS Holm Daylight app from Clarity Consulting
I updated my Open Source Icons post earlier to include updated list of icons. The interesting part was this brought up some great mobile design and development resources. With the list of available mobile icons being just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Speckboy provides an unprecedented list of resources for mobile developers and designers it includes: Android, iPhone & iPad, mobile web & app testing, .PSDs of different phones, and other mobile platforms.


Training Materials

UX Guidelines & Tools

WP7 CS4 Design Template
WP7 Design Template for Clarity Consulting

Panorama Navigation

Panorama Navigation on Windows Phone 7