Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Learn Silverlight and Expression Blend in 5 days

Learn how to design and develop innovative user interfaces for Window Phone 7,..using Expression Blend 4.0

Head over: Learn Silverlight and Expression Blend in 5 days


Anonymous said...

That five day training link is a link to tha capital of the land of fail. How long has that site been there? Has anybody within Microsoft noticed that it is "under construction", that the intern who was doing that project left? Did the author of this blog notice this? Does anybody actually read anything on the internet, or is it just about the top of the page?

Scroll to the bottom of the linked 5 day on-line training course to see that nobody ever finished it. Nobody ever will finish it, and yet people will continue to link to it, gushing about how useful it is.

Savot Dane said...

Stay calm my friend. Training materials need time to implement and they usually have changed depend on the FAQ of the users or the crucial points it may has to convey.

Anyway, just check the site again...Day 5 training is up and running...

mama said...

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Cindy Dy said...

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