Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Android Development Kits Hits Several New Update

At the same time of the announcement of Window Phone Series 7 which seems to rock the mobile market so much, Google Android is also working hard with its platform to bring developers realistic development features for their mobile development market.

The release of several update of development kits I believe will make the platform become more interesting to mobile companies and developers.

Below are several new update of development kit of Android in this March-2010.

- ADT 0.9.6: ADT Plugin for Eclipse hit version 0.9.6

- Android SDK, R5: The pakage include SDK Tools which provide developer the Development and Debugging Tools. If you are using the old version of SDK tools and want to upgrade to the new version, no need to download the whole SDK package again. You can just update the SDK tools by using the Android SDK and AVD Manager (via Eclipse or run "SDK Setup.exe" under SDK package folder)

- Android NDK,r3: Known as Android Native Development Kit currently hit Revision 3, bring new support for OpenGL ES 2.0 native library, will bring a new generation of fantastic 2D and 3D games like what we've seen in IPhone. NDK is used conjunction with Android SDK which mean we need to have Android SDK installed and you will likely use C/C++ language for coding.

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