Friday, April 2, 2010

Develop games on the Window Phone 7 Series

Want to develop game on Window Phone 7 Series? Quick! Quick! Be the first of all to get yourself around the new OS. Guys from channel9 have created a tutorial on how to create game running on the platform.

Here is the table of content:


Exercise 1: XNA Games on the Windows Phone 7 Series
o Task 1 – Game Basics
o Task 2 – Game Resources
o Task 3 – Game Loop
o Task 4 – Game Input
o Task 5 – Alien Game Logic


There is also Window Phone Series "Rockstar" Awards will be given away to the developer team who win the competition range from first prize to third prize.

Award Finalists receive:

* First Prize: $8,000 USD, a trip to the Worldwide Finals in Warsaw, Poland from July 3-8, 2010, and a Windows Phone for each team member.
* Second Prize: $4,000 USD and a Windows Phone for each team member
* Third Prize: $3,000 USD and a Windows Phone for each team member

Deadline for application entry: May 24, 2010 at 11:59 P.M. GMT.

Detail info and how to register: go to here

Let me know if you are interested. I am thinking to build a team for this competition.


Samnang said...

Good resources to catch up Windows Phone 7 Series. For competitions, We don't have much time left, for the Round I it will finish on May 24, so we have only 49 days. Anyway, do you have any ideas of apps we want to try?

Savot Dane said...

I think we need to found a team, 2/3 developers and 1/2 graphic designers. My idea is to develop a game called "Lost in Angkorwat". Of course, we need to go through the tutorial to get ourselves familiar with XNA and 3D concepts, then start on the project. Do not care about the deadline. If we can't finish it on time, we can just continue the project for pleasure.